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Gold Fin
Corrosion protection.Special anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchamger,protection from atmospheric phenomena and effects of aggressive environment.
Four Way Swing
The renewed design creates uniform air distribution in all dimensions.The vent swings not only move horizontally but vertically as well dispersing the air smoothly even in the most difficult spots.
Self-Cleaning Function
It eliminates unwanted moisture in the indoor unit during cooling mode operation.After turning off the air conditioner,the indoor unit’s fan will keep running for a while in order to dry the indoor unit.
Turbo Operation
This function gives you a boost in cooling and heating power for a period and makes the room cool down or heat up rapidly.
Self-Diagnosis Function
Monitoring some abnormal operations or parts of failures,and when the above cases happen,the system will switch off automatically.Meanwhile,the error of protection code will be displayed on the indoor unit.
Auto Restart
This function is useful in the situation of power failure,When power regains after a failure this feature restore the previous operating condition and the air conditioner will run in the same settings.
Quick Cooling
This function is cools the room fast by running the compressor at the maximum level with the faster fan speed in a short period of time to reach the set temperature.So it provides relief from the sweltering heat outside.
R32 with 68% of lower global warming potential,is here to significantly enhance your air conditioner performance and to drastically contribute to global warming protection.It does not adversely affect the ozone layer,contributes to reducing global warming effect by entrapping smaller amounts of heat and can be easily reused and recycled.
Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24hrs period.
Quite Operation
This feature refers to the reduced noise emissions in order to achieve a pleasant and comfortable unit operation.The special design of the indoor unit offers excellent performance at the lowest noise level,so that to enjoy ideal conditions of absolute silence.
Sleep Mode
With the Sleep Mode,the air conditioner adjusts the room temperature for perfect sleeping conditions and great energy savings.
Ionizer Filter
The ions released in the air,give you a fresh and clean atmosphere,by capturing dust and smoke,offering wellness and high-quality room conditions.
Voice Control(Optional)
It also called voice command,is a user interface that allows hands-free operation of a digital device.Voice command does not require an internet connection to your device.
Energy Saving
The air conditioner varies the rotation speed of the compressor,providing a precise method of maintaining the set temperature in order to achieve more than 30% energy savings.
Warranty : 2 Years General & 7 Years Compressor
Model Indoor Unit : IAC-INV13R32IA
Outdoor Unit : IAC-INV13R32OA
Average energy consumption per year 1340kWh
Cooling capacity 13000btu/h (2730 - 13993)
3.56kW (0.8 – 4.1)
Power consumption 1020W (306 - 1224)
Running current 4.66A (1.4 – 5.59)
CSPF 4.7Wh/Wh
Power supply 220 – 240V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Refrigerant R32
Energy rating 4 star
Air Flow Rate 353cfm
Noise Level 41dBa
Product Dimension
(L x W x H)mm
800 x 290 x 190
Packaging Dimension
(L x W x H)mm
875 x 375 x 285
Unit Weight(KG) Net : 8.5kg
Gross : 11.5kg
Noise Level 50dBa
Product Dimension
(L x W x H)mm
700 x 280 x 540
Packaging Dimension
(L x W x H)mm
784 x 342 x 590
Unit Weight(KG) Net : 26kg
Gross : 28kg
Piping Connection Size(mm/inches) Liquid : Ø6.35/1/4”
Gas : Ø9.52/3/8”

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